Delivery & Returns


By confirming your order, you will be informed about the delivery times according to your selected delivery address

For shipment in Greece, delivery time is 3-5 business days.

For sending to EU country & Cyprus, delivery time is 5-7 business days.

In any case, your order will be sent to you by our partner or co-operator during working days (Monday-Friday). Our company and its affiliates take all necessary measures to deliver to you the products you have ordered based on the above timetable.

However, it is not responsible for any delays due to force majeure or to events beyond its control. Indicatively, it is not responsible for reasons of delivery delay due to delays in customs, intermediate loading / unloading areas, strikes of vehicles or other strikes affecting the delivery of products to our warehouse by our suppliers etc. In the event of any delays, our company will make every effort to contact you with the information you have given it to inform you and consult with you about the new delivery or delivering another product. Although we have taken all possible care to inform you about any product unavailability, however, there is a possibility of unexpected shortage or unavailability of the product (after your order has been confirmed). In this case, our company will again make every effort to contact you with the information you have given it in order to inform you and consult with you about the new delivery or delivery of another product or the cancellation of the order in a bad way for both parties and the non-interest-bearing refund of any money that has been paid within a reasonable time period. c) The current shipping cost is clearly described on our website.

Shipping charges (For Greece)

Products are shipped with ELTA Courier in safe – convenient packaging.

Delivery is within 3 – 5 business days after you have been informed of the date the order was created. If the area is inaccessible this time may increase.

* The cost for each order will be displayed when you complete your order in the shopping cart.


Right of Exit

You have the right to return the product you received within 14 calendar days of the day you received it at no cost other than your return (courier, shipping, post or other), at your own risk. In order to exercise your right to withdraw, you may use an electronic form of withdrawal and send us your request or call us on 2242068173. However, it is clarified that the exercise of this right (sending the request and the product) should (proof of date of dispatch: the stamp of the courier or mail or in any other case the date of receipt of the product in our warehouses). The prerequisites for exercising the right of withdrawal are: not to use the product. Also, all items should be returned to the best possible condition without any damage (without prejudice to the return of a defective product, complete and in the package) (for items received in a special package – for example, fragile products – should be returned within their special packaging) and must be accompanied by all the necessary documents.

Return Policy / Product Replacement

Our company takes every possible measure to ensure that all products (regardless of their species) are packaged specially and carefully to reach you without damage. Also, our company knows that fragile and / or sensitive species are among its products and therefore takes all the necessary measures (in cooperation with its transporters) to send these items in special packages that protect them completely from any damage during transport and / or storage. In very rare cases, however, there is a risk that some of these products will wear out when shipped to you. Also in very rare cases you may receive a product with a defect. For this reason, and irrespective of your above-mentioned right of withdrawal, which is unaffected, we invite you to check the products upon receipt. In case you receive the product without expressing any specific reservation, you have received the product from our company unreservedly. However, if at the time of receipt you find that there is damage and / or a defect in the product then you can return the product by completing the relevant return form and according to the instructions detailed to it or by calling us at 2242068173

Ability to Cancel Order

It is possible to cancel your order in the following cases: a) Before Creating / sending / receiving the product – Cancellation is possible by sending an e-mail to or by calling 6907251268. b) Receipt of the product – You can use your right to cancel within 14 calendar days

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